Papanastasiou, N. (2019) The Politics of Scale in Policy: scalecraft and education governance. Bristol: Policy Press.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

Papanastasiou, N. (2020) ‘The Politics of Generating Best Practice Knowledge: Epistemic practice and rendering space technical in a European Commission working group on education policy.’ Environment and Planning C: politics and space. [online first] 1-19

Papanastasiou, N. (2019) ‘Best Practice as a Governing Practice: producing best practice in a European Commission working group.‘ Journal of Education Policy [online first] 1-23

Papanastasiou, N., Hill, S. & Amos, A. (2018) ‘Evidence from qualitative studies of youth about the impacts of tobacco control policy on young people in Europe: a systematic review.’ Nicotine & Tobacco Research [online first] 1-8.

Papanastasiou, N. (2017) ‘Rethinking Scale in Public Administration: scalecraft and frontline work in England’s localism agenda.’ Public Administration. 95(4): 1043-1059.

Papanastasiou, N. (2017) ‘The Practice of Scalecraft: Scale, policy and the politics of the market in England’s academy schools.’ Environment and Planning A. 49(5): 1060-1079.

Papanastasiou, N. (2017) ‘Practices of boundary-work in the collaboration between principals and private sponsors in England’s academy schools.’ Journal of Education Policy. 32(1): 82-99.

Papanastasiou, N. (2017) ‘How Does Scale Mean? A critical approach to scale in the study of policy.’ Critical Policy Studies. 11(1): 39-56.

Papanastasiou, N. (2013) `Commercial Actors and the Governing of Education: the case of academy school sponsors in England.’ European Educational Research Journal. 12(4): 447-462.

Papanastasiou, N. (2012) `Comparison as Curriculum Governance: dynamics of the European-wide governance technology of comparison within England’s National Curriculum reforms.’ European Educational Research Journal. 11(3): 413-427.

Book chapters

Papanastasiou, N. (2018) ‘Revealing Market Hegemony through a Critical Logics Approach: The case of England’s academies.’ In: Olmedo, A. & Wilkins, A. (eds) Education Governance and Social Theory: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Policy Publications

Papanastasiou, N. (2014) Written evidence submitted to and published by the House of Commons (UK Parliament) Education Select Committee Inquiry into Academies and Free Schools.

Doctoral Thesis

Papanastasiou, N. (2015) Scalecraft: Policy and Practice in England’s Academy Schools. PhD Thesis. Edinburgh: The University of Edinburgh.

Book Reviews

Papanastasiou, N. (2018) ‘Book Review: Modernising school governance: corporate planning and expert handling in state education, by Andrew Wilkins.’ Journal of Education Policy [online first]

Papanastasiou, N. (2013) `Book Review: The Future of the Welfare State: Social Policy Attitudes and Social Capital in Europe, edited by Ervasti, H., Goul Andersen, J., Fridberg, T., Ringdal, K.’ European Sociological Review 29(2): 406-408.

Papanastasiou, N. (2012) `Book Review: International Education: Educating for a global future, by McMahon, M.’ Journal of Education Policy 28(2): 288-290.

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